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Livestock Bedding

The gift that keeps on giving. Livestock Bedding from Return is a multi-tasking maestro with so much to give. A wood-based poultry litter bedding from small bird production, this repurposed brood litter bedding stock is highly absorbent, and an excellent choice for cattle bedding, dairy cattle bedding, calving cow bedding, horse bedding or any livestock bedding needs. Use it as delivered or mix it with your own corn stalk shreds for even more value.

On top of traditional livestock bedding use, the low-level nutrient content of this brood litter bedding brings benefits to your operation after bedding use.

As a sustainable soil amendment, Livestock Bedding can incorporate organic matter and nutrients to cropland, promoting long-term soil enhancement, fertilizer retainment, water absorption and reduced seasonal run-off. Additionally, Livestock Bedding makes an excellent compost feedstock supply and can be used as the primary carbon component in animal mortality composting.

A versatile and sustainable agriculture product, Return Livestock Bedding provides economical solutions to livestock, soil and environmental sustainability as an agricultural multi-tasker.

Features and Benefits

Livestock Bedding

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Sustainable Livestock Bedding
Using re-purposed poultry litter bedding from small bird production, Return Livestock Bedding provides a second use as effective animal bedding with little waste product to dispose of

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Cropland Soil Amendment
Livestock Bedding can be further repurposed as cropland soil amendment thanks to its low-level nutrients and organic matter composition – enriching soil and reducing waste simultaneously.

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Compost Feedstock
Additional uses of this multi-tasking maestro include compost feedstock thanks to it’s high carbon content as well as an effective ingredient in complete animal mortality composting processes.

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