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MinneGrow Highly-Organic Biosolids Fertilizer

From cornfields to golf course fairways, Return MinneGrow fertilizer helps growers step up their game. This highly organic, slow-release, biosolid fertilizer comes packed with over 12 macro and micro-nutrients built on a 50-percent organic matter chassis. With an average NPK analysis of 100-160-0 at application, MinneGrow Biosolids Fertilizer contains substantial levels of nitrogen for crop and turf fertilization operations. MinneGrow is a true master of versatility.

This USEPA Class A biosolid fertilizer is an excellent choice as a nitrogen fertilizer for corn, a great commercial golf course fertilizer, or a turf fertilizer for any residential or industrial lawn sod or turf growing operation.

Farmers and growers utilizing biosolids in agriculture get fertilization benefits and much more. The high organic content ensures long-term benefits to soil health, housing microbial activity for sustainable agriculture benefits year-after-year. MinneGrow is environmentally friendly, better for your cropland or facilities’ soil health, and a truly sustainable fertilizing alternative to DAP, MAP, Urea, Anhydrous Ammonia and other synthetic fertilizers.

Features and Benefits

MinneGrow Biosolids Fertilzer

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Slow-Release Nitrogen Fertilizer
The nitrogen in MinneGrow is highly organic, making it an excellent, slow-release nitrogen fertilizer for corn, commercial golf course fertilizer or turf fertilizer.

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Sustainable Fertilizer
MinneGrow highly organic biosolids fertilizer is an all-natural, sustainable fertilizer alternative to synthetics for your farming, caretaking, garden and landscape needs.

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Versatile Biosolids Fertilizer
MinneGrow’s fertilizer versatility is its biggest strength, making it an excellent fertilizer choice for farming and agricultural growing operations of all scales including golf course property management, gardens and more.

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