How Regenerative Growing Benefits Your Garden & Our Planet  

Even as an everyday gardener, embracing regenerative growing and adopting organic and natural gardening practices is the key to sustainable and healthy gardening.

At the core, thinking regeneratively means leaving things in a better way than you found them.

In the growing world, regenerative is the opposite of conventional agriculture, which treats the land as a commodity to be tapped for resources without consequence.  It is the natural evolution of “sustainable.” If sustainable means low-to zero impact on the land, then regenerative means having a positive impact on the land and soil health.  

In practice, it means challenging conventional norms and opting for organic and natural gardening practices that work with nature—instead of relying on synthetic fertilizers and pesticides that work against it. 

At the heart of it, it’s all about soil health.

At the heart of it, it’s all about soil health. As the foundation of our gardens, we need to nourish the soil by working with nature. Healthy soil is a home for beneficial microorganisms, fungi, and earthworms, creating a vibrant ecosystem that supports plant growth and fosters natural resilience against pests and disease.

Regenerative Growing Sounds Great. What Can I Do? 

Many sustainable, organic gardening practices are similar to regenerative farming—
things like composting, mulching, feeding with organic-matter-based fertilizers and natural amendments. All of these help unlock the full potential of our soil, our gardens, and the food we grow in them.

Additionally, these methods help save on water, conserve resources, minimize waste, promote a healthier garden ecosystem, and have a positive impact on the environment. (healthy soils help draw down carbon!)

So, grab your shovel and join us on our journey to grow healthier soil, for healthier food, people, and planet.

By focusing on a few, basic natural gardening methods, we can nurture the health of our gardens and the well-being of our families. And by becoming responsible stewards of our land and growing healthy foods for ourselves and families, we’re supporting a movement that helps cultivate a working relationship between our food and the natural world.

What We’re Doing

At Return, we’ll keep doing our part to raise awareness of the benefits of regenerative growing, on the agricultural level, and in our own raised beds. 

We’ll also continue to produce good-for-the-earth growing supplies that help grow a healthier soil, food, people, and planet. You can check out our first product, Compost Recipe #001 here, and at a garden retailer near you.