Return Turkey Litter Fertilizer

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OMRI Listed® Organic Turkey Litter Fertilizer

Achieve higher crop yields, healthier plants and enjoy the benefits of long-term soil health with Return’s OMRI Listed® Turkey Litter Fertilizer. This certified organic is truly a slow-release fertilizer high in nitrogen, phosphate and potash with an average analysis of 45-45-40 at application. As our premium poultry litter fertilizer product, Return Turkey Litter contains 50-percent organic matter and eight other critical macro and micro-nutrients to sustainably enrich soil. This blend of high-powered poultry litter fertilization in an organic-matter matrix directly improves soil structure at application and over the long term, increasing its value year-after-year.

Apply Return’s bulk Turkey Litter Fertilizer to farmland to improve current and future crop and soil health as a primary crop in-season fertilizer or during fall N applications. Return Turkey Litter Fertilizer is not regulated by many Groundwater Protection Rules for fall N application.

As a smart alternative to DAP, MAP, Urea, Anhydrous Ammonia and other synthetic fertilizers, Return Turkey Litter improves soil structure, resulting in improved water infiltration and higher water-holding capacity – all leading to decreased crop water stress, lower soil erosion and increased soil nutrient retention for seasons to come.

Features and Benefits

Organic Turkey Litter

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Sustainable Fertilizer
Return Turkey Litter Fertilizer is an all-natural, poultry litter alternative to your farming needs. Leave synthetic fertilizer for good.

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OMRI Listed® Organic Fertilizer
Return Turkey Litter is an OMRI Listed®  poultry litter fertilizer for organic farming efforts and is the smart choice for any farm. It’s the natural choice.

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Soil Building
Poultry Litter has abundant, natural organic matter, to feed soil microbes and enrich soil today, and in the future. Let it get to work for you.

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