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Sustainable and Organic Fertilizer Solutions for Your Farm and Beyond

Return is dedicated to the future of farming because we were farmers first.

That’s why we bring sustainable soil management and enhancement products to market that make sense on our ground and in yours. To build a sustainable, regenerative farming future, and increase yields along the way, today’s crop nutrients need to work better than synthetics at supplying slow-release fertilizer and organic matter to the ground.

That’s what Return is and that’s where we’re going.

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for sustainable fertilizer or need a certified organic fertilizer for your crop? We're here to help.

Is Return Turkey Litter An Organic Fertilizer For Farming?

Yes! Return Turkey Litter is OMRI Listed® for organic use and we specifically service the farming professional.

New Minnesota state regulations prevent me from applying fall nitrogen fertilizer, can I use Return Turkey Litter as an alternative?

Yes. The new Groundwater Protection Rule from the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) restricts the application of nitrogen fertilizer in the fall. However, Return Turkey Litter is exempt from this regulation. The Groundwater Protection rule does not apply to raw animal waste, manures, bedding, or litter.

How much of the nitrogen in Return Turkey Litter is organic?

70 – 80% percent of the nitrogen in Return Turkey Litter is in an organic form. Due to the high percentage of organic nitrogen in Return Turkey Litter, 80 – 90% of the total nitrogen is still available if never incorporated into the soil. Unlike synthetic fertilizers, unconverted Organic N does not leach like Nitrate N or volatilize like ammonium N.

Buying Sustainable And Organic Fertilizer For Your Farm Should Be Easy.


If It’s Worth Growing, It’s Worth Feeding

Organic slow-release fertilizer with an average analysis of 45-45-50 and containing eight other critical soil macro and micro-nutrients – nearly 50 percent organic matter. Apply it to farmland to improve current and future soil health and long-term fertilization

Our OMRI Listed® Compost Recipe #001 can be used for Agriculture, Horticulture, Home Gardens, Turf, Potting, Trees, and Shrubs. Compost helps improve soil structure, retain moisture, increase microbial populations, and sequester carbon in the soil through photosynthesis. 

Livestock Bedding is a wood-based litter from small bird farming. It has high absorbency, excellent for dairy cattle bedding and calving cow bedding, horse bedding or any livestock bedding needs. Featuring low-level nutrients, this brood litter bedding material can be re-used as fertilizer amendment to your cropland.

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