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Return V1 Compost OMRI Listed® (CDFA Certification pending)

Healthy food starts with healthy soils, and Return’s OMRI Listed® V1 Compost is purpose-built to supply plants with benefits beyond fertilizer. With a guaranteed analysis of 1-1.3-1, Return V1 Compost can be used for Agriculture, Horticulture, Home Gardens, Turf, Potting, Trees, and Shrubs. Compost helps improve soil structure, retain moisture, increase microbial populations, and sequester carbon in the soil through photosynthesis.

Using Return V1 Compost for agriculture can lead to increased organic matter in your soils, better yields, drought tolerance, and even decreases in pesticide, herbicide, and fertilizer application.

Return V1 Compost is not only a smart investment for your operation, it’s a smart investment for the planet.

Features and Benefits

Return V1 Compost • OMRI Listed®

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OMRI Listed® Organic Compost
Return V1 Compost is an all-natural, single-source, OMRI Listed® compost derived from poultry litter.

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With a pH of 7, Return V1 Compost is a well-balanced compost suited for almost every application.
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Organic Matter
Return V1 Compost is loaded with organic matter, making it the perfect solution for restoring and regenerating your soils.
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