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we are farmers, first

As farming techniques continue to evolve, so do we.

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Like our customers, Return is a family-owned business with business goals rooted in family and our land’s health

Based in rural southeastern Minnesota, we specialize in poultry litter fertilizer, biosolids fertilizer and livestock bedding sales, supplying, and application. Our agriculture products will fertilize and add organic matter back into your soil, regenerate your soil, and increase soil fertility for generations to come. All without the use of synthetic fertilizers or short-sighted solutions.

Whether you are hoping to regenerate your soil, increase soil fertility, or increase organic matter in your soil, our slow-release fertilizers will help you achieve your goals. It’s time to think beyond fertilizers. It’s time to think Return.

Some Cool Facts

Numbers Speak For Themselves

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The Great Soil Dissapearing Act Of The 20th Century

Fertilizer Alone Is Not The Fix

Fertilizer alone can’t restore soil health back to pre-industrial farming days. We need to be injecting organic matter back into the soil today, so our lands can be productive tomorrow. If we do it, this is all good news for the future.

Leave It Better

There’s the old saying “leave it better than you found it” and that’s what we’re about. We’ve got one planet to grow food on, and we want to make sure we’re the generation that restores it to the best version of itself so future generations can continue to reap the rewards of a healthy planet. That starts with healthy soil.

We’re past the point of sustainability. If we want to make a difference, we must regenerate our soil and farmlands. We want to help you return your soils to a state of microbial harmony.

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